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Our target
We aim to develop electronic b2b and b2c commercial solutions which suit to requirements of the 21. century.
About Us 


Webvilag Kft is a more than 15 year old and advancing company currently with 30 internal and 10 external collegues. The guarantee of our abilities is that we are developing the Europe's biggest B2B system called TecCom, which is used in the automotive aftermarket by the main European companies. Our company, the Webvilag Kft. is developing softwares emphasises the needs of the automotive aftermarket and according to this forms it's products. Webvilag Kft. is the offical representative of TecCom and TecDoc in the South-East European market. Our company is the sale distributor of the products and services of TecCom GmbH in this region together with the first level support and technical helpdesk. The increasing numbers of our satisfied customers is the guarantee of our high level services. Our target is to develop complex electronic solutions to make the commercial communication faster and more efficient between the companies.



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