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Our target
We aim to develop electronic b2b and b2c commercial solutions which suit to requirements of the 21. century.
   The TecDoc database

The TecDoc database introduce itself:

this is the collection of the up to date information for the automobile parts.

The following information belong to the products:

  • Article number
  • OE number
  • Technical characterstics
  • Criteria list
  • Photo
  • Vehicle contact

The infos are updated every 3 months.
The full TecDoc database is 70 GB

Use of TecDoc database:

Our partners buying the TecDoc database can use freely the information.
Our partners can set on their own administration or order system all information from the database and can use it for the base their own catalogue, or for private target.

The contract time of TecCom adatbase is three years.

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