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Our target
We aim to develop electronic b2b and b2c commercial solutions which suit to requirements of the 21. century.
   Our company has developed the TecCom e-Catalogue software

The e-Catalog is a complex program which contains an article identifier catalog and an ordering system. The base of the catalog can be the TecDoc database or an individual article database. For the transmitting of the requests and orders the eCatalogue uses the TecCom system  . The supplier receives the requests and orders into its ERP through the TecCom system. As a supplier you have the possibility to integrate TecCom into your ERP system. If you integrate this system you become available 24 hours a day every day of the year. The customers always see the actual price and stock informations.

The function of TecCom e-Catalogue:

The TecCom e-Catalogue is a catalogue and an ordering system.The program contains a price calculating function and uses the TecCom system to forward the datas.
With this application you can replace the paper based catalogs and flyers and you can automate and simplify the trading processes.

The functions of TecCom e-Catalogue:

The datas for the articels can be supplied by either the customer or the supplier or the TecDoc GmbH.
You can serch and identify the parts in the catalogue.
During the process of the identification you can choose the car type, year of production, car-body type, engine type, and you can see articles in product groups.

The searching can be done with one of the following informations:

  • car type/brand
  • article number
  • OE number
  • Trade number
  • engine code

If you do not have enough information regarding the required article you can use the universal article search.
After you found the article you can see the list price,  your own price / caculated by rabat-matrix /.
With the online request you can check the stock of the supplier.

TecCom e-Catalogue gives you(supplier):

  • Regular updates, a catalogue which updates every 3 months.
  • Complex service, 4 programs in 1(article idnetification,price listing and computing,request,order)
  • Less time with less administration work, requests and orders go directly into the ERP system of the supplier.
  • Cost efficient, lower communication costs, unlimited number of customers can be connected.
  • Maximal compatibility with the TecCom system, the request and orders will be processed immidietly.
  • A complex solution which increases your company's competitive power, and cut your costs.
TecCom e-Catalogue gives you(customer):

  • Detailed information from the parts.
  • Online/Off line pricelists.
  • own prices based on list price and rebate matrixes.
  • Easy to use administration.
  • Constant availability 24 hours a day 365 day a year.
  • Up to date informations.
  • Quick and efficient tradeing processes.
  • the parts can be requested and ordered.
  • Detailed datas:
    Your partners can request and order directly from your ERP system according the rights you have given to them.
  • Your customers can list their sent requests and orders.

So to sum it up:

The TecCom e-Catalogue program gives you a solution which incorporates wide range of services for your customers and handle all the ordering process by electronical way.


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