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Our target
We aim to develop electronic b2b and b2c commercial solutions which suit to requirements of the 21. century.
web-Catalogue in South America

 The web-Catalogue implementation is in progress at the main Bosch wholesaler called EMASA in Chile.

web-Catalogue in South Africa

The negotiation has started regarding the web-Catalogue implementation at a Bosch wholesaler in South Africa.
The web-Catalogue provides better service for the wholesaler's customers who will be able to identify the parts fast and easy.

AuDaCon-service information for personal cars and commercial vehicles

Webvilag offers you a new module -AuDaCon AIS- to its existing catalogues and ordering systems.

You will need the actual settings, service and maintenance information to be able to make the service works fast and cost effective way.


Our company has developed the TecCom e-Catalogue software

This is a complex catalogue and ordering system which integrates all processes you could have achieved with the help of three or four progams before.

The TecDoc database

The TecDoc database is the most widely used electronic catalogue for the aotumobile industry market and so it is one of the offered database of the web-Catalogue system.

This database gives information about more than 300 brand's products of more than 180 manufactoring companies.

web-Catalogue - complex trading system

The web-Catalogue is an internet based B2B system which makes easier the communication between the wholesalers and their partners in the automotive aftermarket  and makes the trade administration, the data and the information flow faster.

Automechanika-is the main exhibition of the automotive aftermarket

Our company will be present on the main trade exhibition of the automotive aftermarket in Frankfurt.

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